Welcome, beloved!

Here my story for you… In-Joy!

Frankly, I don’t know how I ended up here, writing a spiritual blog. Yet somehow,  that ever-present and subtle voice inside keeps nudging me along this path. Listen to your heart…join this workshop….work with this energy healer….work on these images….talk to this teacher…and so on.

Hundreds of small, and seemingly unimportant, decisions culminating into a powerful momentous shift, so much so that I didn’t even realize how far I had come until I looked back. As I learned to surrender more and more to this inner guidance, I began to realize my purpose in all of it. I have come to be of service; to utilize my unique gifts of connecting souls, a bird’s eye view perspective and a knack for blending many different ideas into one big cohesive theory….


For example, have you ever watched a large ship weigh its anchor? It is fascinating to see and hear the massive links of chain screeching against the metal bow of the ship as the anchor is lowered or raised. If an anchor is placed properly on the bottom of the sea, it can hold a giant ship fast, even in rough seas. Just as ships need anchors to keep them from drifting away on the open seas, people need anchors in their lives if they are to remain steadfast and not drift into the wide open sea….

We all need an anchor from time to time, one of mine is this Tiny Space of my Heart where all is connected to oneness, this anchor I will reflect onto my blog and In this way, you may more easily access the truth within your own heart, and allow it to trickle down to every aspect of your life; empowering your thoughts and actions.



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