My Sacred Pack

The concept of a Power Animal is universal to all cultures. Power animals are spirit guides in animal form, valuable allies who can help you navigate through life’s challenges and transitions.

You can turn to these perceptive and trustworthy oracles for advice and counsel on any questions or concerns, for they’re exceptional teachers who will help you learn about both the spirit and the natural world. Working with them on a regular basis will enhance your personal life and expand your spiritual capacities immensely.

Power animals can appear in meditations, visions, dreams, shamanic journeys, or on the earth in their physical form. They can be mammals, birds, or reptiles; and even so-called mythical creatures such as unicorns or dragons can be power animals, although they have no physical representations in the material world. However, since spirit animals’ power is drawn from their instinctual and wild nature, it’s uncommon for purely domesticated animals such as pets to be part of this group.


A question that comes up on occasion during my guided journeys is about
mythological or etheric animals, such as dragons or unicorns. Although some would insist that they exist in third-dimensional reality, it really doesn’t matter whether they do or not. If you believe they do, then they do. Any of these so-called mythological animals can certainly be your power animal. 
Not so long ago the Phoenix came to me during a mediation, I wasn’t looking for any mythological connection, it appeared with a very precise message and since has been the Totem Animal of my one-day course: The Phoenix Rising.

Each connection is a highly personal and specialized relationship with an animal spirit guide. It’s not one you choose in the usual sense of the word. It’s more of a soul-to-soul connection, your soul bonding with the soul—or more accurately the oversoul—of the animal. The relationship is one to be nurtured and attended to on a regular basis, and if done, will last a number of years.

Power Animals are usually a reflection of your deepest self and also represent qualities which you need in this world, but which are often hidden or obscured. A mistake that people often make is to be dissatisfied when they find that their Power Animal is some non-ferocious animal like a mouse. We tend to think that a mouse is not very powerful – that it is meek and afraid. What they forget is that spirits are not limited to physical reality and that size is irrelevant. Your Power Animal may be a tiny mouse, but in times of need, this mouse can and will change its size and deportment to that which is appropriate to the occasion. There is nothing weak about the mouse, this is a wise animal, quietly getting on with his business and accomplishing his purpose without too much attention. From the mouse, we can learn to pay attention to the little details which may get overlooked in our over-eagerness to see the big picture.

When you make your first exploratory journey you are likely to encounter spirits which may represent themselves as being your Totem or Power Animal. If you are already aware of your spirit that spirit may greet you and give you additional power. If you would like to find out who your power animal is, consulting a shamanic practitioner is an option. But to discover this on your own, you can ask for a dream and see if anything comes up. You can ask the power animal to show itself to you and if you start seeing one or another animal frequently that would be its way of revealing itself to you. Or you could go into a meditation journey and ask for them to appear, do keep in mind that you can not force the process. It is believed that the animal guide can communicate with you by drawing your attention to things around you, and repetition would be a way of communication. See my prior post about my first Power Animal the Wolf.

Many people have asked me how can I meet my Animal Guide, so here you will be lead on a journey of discovery to meet with your Power Animal.

As with all medications, it’s not important that you see everything I am writing… just have fun and remember why you are here… when you do meet your animal guide… unless several come at once… you just accept the first one that comes to you.

A few years back I found the below-guided journey which I use quite often during my gatherings. Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you feel or think your spirit animal is in the comments, and what your spirit animal turned out to be at the end!

Find Your Spirit Animal Meditation

Create a sacred space, make sure you are not disturbed and use whatever method suits you in allowing yourself to relax. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, let your abdomen rise and fall.

**See sense or feel yourself going into your sacred space within your heart.

**Now put yourself on a path. Feel your feet touch the earth, smell the fresh air, feel the warm breeze on your face. Walk down the path. It goes downhill slightly. The ground is hard and has small stones in the soil. It is solid and secure. Feel the ground and the grass that is on each side of the path. Walk down the path. It crosses a wooden bridge across a rushing stream. The bridge has stout railings. You can hear your feet echo on the bridge like a drumbeat as you walk across. If you need to drop something in the water that you want to get rid of you can do that now.

**The path now goes upwards slightly and comes over a rise. Below you is a large meadow. In the center of the meadow is a grassy circle. Sit in the circle and wait. Now ask for your power animal to come to you. They are like spirit animals coming out of the forest. Let the animal appear and come up to you. It can come from a distance or appear from nowhere. The animal that appears to you is your power animal helper. It is your shaman’s animal. Let the animal come towards you. Let them begin to speak and move.

**You can stay in the meadow as long as you like to and feel connected to the earth. Your power animal is part of the earth. It has tendrils that reach deep into the earth, the sky, and you, and connect it all together. If you feel comfortable, you can invite your animal to come to you, touch you, even come into your body. You can merge with them and see out of their eyes. You do.

**Now stand up and leave the meadow. The path goes out of the far side and you can walk down the path further. It leads to the edge of an ancient forest of old growth trees. Stand at the edge of the forest by a great ancient tree. Find a tree that speaks to you and tells you to come to it. Now put your hand on the tree touch its rough back. Feel its warmth, it life. Now imagine that when you put your hand on the tree, you spiral deep into the spiral of your own being. You spiral deep inside yourself, into your heart. And inside your body, your heart opens with wings. A spirit eye opens within you and sees this experience. It witnesses you as becoming the shaman.

**Walk back to the meadow, then to the bridge, then to where you are now. Bring your spirit animal. Bring the connectedness with you. Now move your feet. Look around you. You are now on The Path of the Feather. You can see and hear power animals and ancient ones.



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