The Aftermath Of Spiritual Ecstasy

The other day I was sitting at the bus stop, letting my soul catch up with my body after an amazing three week of learning about the Intuitive Anatomy of ThetaHealing®—transforming our beliefs, programs and feelings within Source.

That morning, as we shared our last session together, I felt that what has happened in our hearts is not as important as what will happen in our hearts in the coming weeks and months. Because, as enriching and awaking as some spiritual courses are, we gotta come down off the mountain and apply it all within the 3D matrix.


We all go through waves of spiritual breakthroughs like this. We go on a retreat, workshop, course, or through a rough patch where Source presence and provision becomes all too real, or we finally get to that place in our spiritual journey where Source is speaking within us in mountain-moving ways. We sense our power in our lives in a tangible way, and we start to feel like, Yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for!

But no matter how much we feel transformed in a spiritual encounter like this, a transformation that lasts is about what happens next. Spiritual breakthroughs are great—they can open our eyes and deeply shape us. But life can happen too fast for some of us to stay there forever. So we have to learn how to enjoy the highs when they come and see the lows as growth opportunities on our road.

In my opinion, the best way to live after a spiritual awakening is to completely embrace the experience. This may throw the old life into turmoil as one seeks new work, activities, friends, maybe even a new partner. But once the heart has been opened there is really only one choice and this is to receive the love and continue in this newly found alignment.

And if you find yourself wondering what to do with yourself after a profound spiritual awakening, as I have done years back, take heart. You are not alone, nor is your experience unique. It is a normal part of the cycle that one discovers while on the inner journey. Something will come into your life that points a new way for you. It will be a way for you to use your new knowings while still in the world, but not of it.



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