Calling In The Conscious Presence Of All Wayshowers

More and more of us are going to find, whether we wish it or not, that we’ve signed on to be way-showers. For some that will come as bad news. Oh my gosh, I can’t do this or think that or be seen doing the other! Or how arrogant of me to call myself a way-shower! Who am I to say that or be that?

I’ve had to wrestle with the matter myself and just surrendered to it recently as a result of a Divine insight I gained during a sacred journey. Others may also feel themselves in a dilemma. I am inviting you to see the matter in a different light. This planet needs people who agree to own and take on the inconvenience and discomfort of being way-showers. I know that this lifetime, you and I have the opportunity to leave behind sorrow, ignorance, and suffering of all kinds. And because I know that you and I can have that this lifetime, I’m willing to put up with the inconvenience and discomfort of actually committing to be what I’ve never really considered myself to be and that’s a way-shower.


What’s the simple definition of a way-shower for me? A person who lives according to the divine qualities consciously and willingly and is prepared to own it, discuss it, and represent it. Is willing to stand in the nitty gritty and say ‘’Look it’s from this mud that a Lotus can grow.” All else flows from that. I surely have perfect flaws too and it isn’t about being this saint-like figure to be way-shower, it’s about owning all aspects of our human experience and showing the way how to learn and transform them into virtues.

Some souls, during this process of learning, are not only learning for themselves, however but are also creating a pathway that others may follow. They do this not through their immediate success in achieving the goal of unity that the mind holds as truth, nor through the intellectual understanding of the truth of oneness, but through the willingness to explore and encounter duality in all its many forms and effects on consciousness. Some of these ways are quite ordinary; others involve encounters with energies of opposition that would seek to maintain the embodied soul in a state of separation.

What the soul encounters of these energies and the way in which it meets such encounters are part of your learning and are unique to each individual soul. The process of learning is a process of witnessing the effect of such influences on one’s own awareness and learning how to anchor in light and truth during this encounter. Anchoring within the deeper self at such times IS the learning, both for the one going through the process and for others who are also being shown the way. Yet this anchoring, in order to be an effective teacher, must encounter the obstacles and energies of opposition that others will find within themselves. Without experiencing such obstacles, the way through cannot be defined or offered to others.  So, allow yourself to be a way-shower. This world needs you. This world will benefit from all your efforts. And you yourself, I’m sure, will find a means of rapid expansion. Challenging ourselves in this way is definitely, in my eyes, the way to grow and the way to grow quickly. The only thing that has proven strong enough to inspire me to consider taking on the inconvenience of “being a way-shower” is my vision of what it is I’m trying to create, what it is I’m dedicated too.

And here lies my invitation to ALL; teachers, channels, leaders, way-showers, elders, adepts, projectors, space holders, light warriors and All those named with the highest frequency of Divinity in all shapes and forms. I am inviting you to really Unite our efforts in co-creating from the infinite space of Abundance. It’s been long overdue, I Am here.




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  1. Like anyone on the road back to spiritual essence,integrating the shadow is the essential key.

  2. I am so happy to have come across this. Thank you so much for your insight and way-showing.

    Namaslay — the slay in me, honours the slay in you.

  3. I really appreciate your perspective and so much of this is true for me, though I am still finding the my way to move through and “become” on the other side of breaking through the ancient mud!! No lotus yet for me. I’ve apparently signed up for the role of a “projector” in the form of a lifelong fool.

  4. We are all gathering, finally!…our journeys may be unique yet our peruse is the same raising the universes vibrations for the good of all. Awareness of the true spirit that one possess. It can be hard to accept this as your calling and it will not quieten infact you will unconsciously be bringing the light and truth to all you encounter in all aspects, and eventually you will accept your calling for you cannot ignore it once you do you will find us more of us the same calling and it will bring your gifts to their very best and learn as you heal those around you. You also heal and learn. Welcome to all snd thank you so very much for this post as it helps those that are questioning or seeking answers to there own calling. Love to all and let’s all remember we are not alone.

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