11 Benefits of connecting with ‘The Spirit of Cacao’

Do you know that chocolate is actually medicine? How cool is that? It is one of the most powerful, gentle facilitators, teachers and guides that I know – and it is delicious too!  You can discover how in raw cacao ceremonial doses become a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love…

It’s thought cacao was first used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine as far back as 1900 BC by the ancestors of Central America, the Olmec people, before becoming a ritualistic medicine used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures. It was used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance.

Pure cacao is used as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing. It is also used to set intentions and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.

Here more on how I work with Cacao Medicine.


Cacao contains the neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan and dopamine that stimulate brain activity and are vital in regulating mood. Serotonin is the feel-good brain chemical responsible for feelings of well-being. Cacao also contains anandamide – taken from the Sanskrit word Ananda or bliss. This mood improving chemical is known as the bliss molecule and leaves us feeling blissful and euphoric, but also plays a vital role in moderating pain perception and the memory of pain, as well as assisting in regulating appetite and mood.

Let me share 11 benefits of connecting with ‘The Spirit of Cacao’


Chocolate opens the heart and allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection with yourself, others, the world and all of life.


Helps in bringing awareness to things that have been preventing you from creating the life you love. Also aids in releasing repeated patterns, beliefs, and blocks which could be stopping you, slowing you down or standing in the way of creating the life you love.


Stronger connection with the higher self (intuition, soul, God, Goddess etc.). This leads to an enhanced connection with your own power and truth; your divinity. Chocolate is a powerful facilitator allowing you to delve gently into your pain body.


Cacao enables you to connect with your inner spirit and wisdom, allowing for more profound meditation. It allows you to focus more on the present moment and its remedying properties can begin to work on your mind and soul.


More enhanced, balanced, connected male & female energy. Male and female energies are within everyone. When these energies are in balance, you live a harmonious life magnetizing all you love TO you. This integration also leads to enhanced effectiveness as the divine creator and super manifesting machine that you are, in essence.

The balance of male and female energies allows you to receive inspiration (feminine energy) AND act on it (masculine energy).


Access to the ‘one mind’ or unity consciousness allowing the connection with creative ideas. You enter a zone where you are receiving ‘aha’ moments, inspiration, ideas. With the enhanced male/female balance, these are made manifest….


More effective, deeper, profound, easier yoga and Lomi Lomi flying practice. Your practice improves on every level; physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. This is probably the case with other practices too (chi kung, aikido, kickboxing etc.) but I have yet to try other – so let me know!


More clarity, ideas, and connection with your life purpose. Clarity on your talents, skills and how you are here to serve – you easily connect with your creative abilities; writing, painting, dancing, music or whatever floats your boat really.  


Cacao is a great facilitator for plant medicine integration work. A ceremony can be specifically designed to help you find clarity, and process some of the more confusing aspects of your psychedelic experience. Cacao is the perfect medicine to dive deep and integrate other medicines while remaining fully conscious and aware.


You can come together to sit in a ceremony with your soul sisters to transform the collective or patriarchal shadow, and release fears and doubts that have kept us small, so you can reclaim your power and shine bright, beautiful and proud.  Working directly on your hearts you will be clearing stale energetic blockages, healing ancient wounds, and working on ancestral ties to the mother and beyond. These women only ceremonies create a safe, nurturing space to go as deep as you allow yourself to.


Drinking cacao for ceremonial purposes invites us to SLOW DOWN and to intentionally set time aside for ourselves. This means stepping OUT of the daily hustle and stepping into our higher/inner-self. So often we rush from one experience to the next without even understanding why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Cacao ceremony invites us to tune in to our inner knowing, our inner-self, our inner-guidance system, and to take action from a place of inspiration (“in spirit”) rather than habit and/or our “to do” list.

Set your intentions, whether for the ceremony, the day, a specific event, or your entire life and watch the magic unfold!

Want to know more about my ceremonial cacao work and/or attend a private or group session, connect with me here.



“Sacred Cacao was bypassed in the ‘60’s resurgence of medicine-plants because it does not act like a psychedelic – it does not take you on its trip, but facilitates your own.  There are Indigenous shamans in Central and South America who prefer cacao over psychedelics, but few have heard of them. I am not here to speak for them. I speak from my years of experience with cacao and cacao ceremonies since the Cacao Spirit began sharing and partnering with me in the metaphysical work that I do.  And I speak through sales of the cacao that She guides me to.”

– Keith Wilson, the Chocolate Shaman


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