Natasja with Dr. Tim Read on The Deep Psyche & Psychedelics, Spiritual Emergency, and the Dark Feminine

Episode #3- Meet Dr. Tim Read

Dr. Read s a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist based in London. He was Consultant Psychiatrist at the Royal London Hospital for 20 years leading the Emergency Liaison service and the Crisis Intervention Service. He has trained in psychoanalytic therapy (IGA) and in transpersonal therapy (GTT). He is a certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork and has a special interest in working with expanded states of consciousness.

His book ‘Walking Shadows: Archetype and Psyche in Crisis and Growth’ was published in 2015 And has edited and contributed to many other books.


  • The influence of the work of Jung on Dr. Tim Read’s life
  • Non-ordinary states of consciousness and interconnectedness
  • Trance state and Holotropic breathwork
  • Psychedelic Bypass
  • Why do some seek deep psyche work? 
  • What is Spiritual Emergency and how to navigate it?
  • Archetypal structures in our psyche 
  • The education model in psychiatry around spiritual emergency
  • Therapist and, practices 
  • The Archetype of the Dark Feminine and our patriarchal culture
  • The relationship between COVID pandemic and the Dark Feminine
  • Using global crisis as an inward journey
  • What is the Prenatal Matrices Theory
  • And does this reflect our collective rebirthing journey?
  • Unity is an outcome of our journey


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Psychedelics and Psychotherapy, the Healing Potential of Expanded States

Tim Read Books

Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine: Creativity, Ecstasy, and Healing by Maria Papaspyrou

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