Natasja with Alexander Beiner on Men’s Work, Psychedelic Sense-making and Psychedelic Capitalism

Episode 10 with Alexander Beiner

Alexander is a writer, facilitator, and cultural commentator. In 2012, he co-founded a meditation school, Open Meditation. He has also worked in some of the world’s top events agencies developing immersive live experiences. 

He is one of the organizers of Breaking Convention, Europe’s largest conference on psychedelic science and culture. His work on psychedelic theory has been published in the 2016 book ‘Neurotransmissions’, as well as ‘The Guardian’. He also writes fiction and plays traditional Irish music.

Alexander leads on Rebel Wisdom’s written content and live events and is particularly focused on finding new ways of having in-person conversations around the most essential and challenging ideas. Rebel Wisdom’s life experiences are designed to engage more than just the intellect; they are places where the ideas explored in our films can be integrated so that they can be lived out in the real world. 

In this episode, Alexander Beiner discusses:

  • His Why of The start of Rebel Wisdom 
  • Finding truth and meaning
  • Men’s Work, the masculine essence and the cultural shame
  • Initiation and transitioning of life as a basic human need
  • The Hero’s Journey as a basis for men’s-work and healing the father wound 
  • Psychedelics healing as an initiation
  • Psychedelic capitalism, and the new gold rush
  • The questionable interest in patenting Psychedelics
  • How to educate patent makers and what are patent trolls?
  • What is psychedelic sensemaking?
  • How can psychedelic sensemaking become a roadmap for the meaning-making of life? 
  • How wisdom tradition are sophisticated models for understanding self and meaning-making
  • The current dominant usage of psychedelics is Wellness & Treatment
  • What is the gift of COVID-19 as a personal growth journey


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