Natasja with Alea Kay – Lex Empress on the Gift of Vision, Transformation and Soulsongs

Episode 11 with Alea Kay – Lex Empress
Stay tuned to the end of this episode for a very special Soulsong gift from  Alea Kay – Lex Empress to us on piano Gilian Baracs.

Lex Empress is an internationally renowned vocalist and a master of improvisation who acts as a bridge to connect people with their inner truth and empowers them to live their fullest potential.​ She has been an inspirer for nearly twenty years. 

Employing her intuitive voice work she mesmerizes enormous crowds; electronic music settings, intimate jazz performances, wherever you could name. Improvisation is, as it always has been her bff.

She has now fine-tuned her improvisations to create transformation in the listener individually; so, for the entire audience. Her Soulsong concerts are sold out globally and her retreats are amazing medicine for everyone attending.

In 2020 she launched her Mother Of Pearl online 5-week transformative program. Check out her M.O.P. introduction video here.

In June 2021 Soulsong Retreat and Awaken the Medicine Within will launch a collaborative six-day deep dive into you! For inquiries connect here with us. 

Alea Kay – Lex Empress handles:

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