Natasja with Angela Ruiz on Generational Trauma, Healing and the Beauty of Speaking Out

Meet Angela Ruiz
Angela was born in Southern California, but her soul accompanies her roots in Mexico. She is 1st generation in the U.S on her dad’s side and 2nd generation on her mom’s side. At nine years old, she began to write and never really stopped. she aims to write beautiful stories that will open up minds and expand worlds, including her own. She is the author of her newly published non-fiction memoir: WHERE SILENCE ENDS. Stories from a Mexican-American, mother-daughter duo, take you on their chillingly beautiful, family journey of generational trauma and healing.

In this episode, Angela Ruiz discusses:

  • What is generational trauma and what steps are needed to heal
  • Storytelling as a form of healing trauma
  • The taboo around anger and emotional expression
  • Marianismo being the opposite of Machismo 
  • The expectation of how women should be in Latin cultures
  • What process do you encounter when family secrets and trauma gets exposed?
  • What emotions do enablers and predators experience once trauma gets exposed?
  • What modalities support the healing of generational trauma?
  • The influence of plant medicines and psychedelics in a healing journey
  • How forgiveness has become your biggest gift
  • How our ancestors show up in sacred plant ceremonies when undergoing generational healing
  • How to positively impact the next generations

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