Natasja with Laura Dawn on Psychedelic Leadership, and the Path of a Visionary

Meet Laura Dawn in Women in Psychedelics series.

She is the host of The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast, Laura Dawn is a microdosing mentor for executives and has been leading transformational retreats for over 10 years. Through her signature programs and retreats, Laura Dawn weaves together science with wisdom to teach business and thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators how to mindfully explore psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools for inner transformation and creative manifestation. Through mindset and somatic coaching, she inspires people to truly expand the boundaries of what they believe is possible and embark on the path of heart-centered leadership to influence meaningful change.

Laura Dawn has a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship and over two decades of exploring altered states of consciousness. Currently, she is completing a Masters in Science specializing in Creativity Studies & Change Leadership, exploring the intersection between psychedelics and creative problem-solving to help corporate teams unlock innovative solutions to the complex challenges we face.”

The Awaken podcast special series:
Women in Psychedelics is a podcast series that does an amazing job of telling the stories of fascinating women who are currently making an impact within the psychedelic and plant healing movement.

My intention for this series is to further amplify female voices within this space. I am driven by bringing to the forefront untold stories, exclusive content, and inspiration. This series to me is about offering and celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and sometimes the unseen achievements of women in this psychedelic renaissance. 

In this episode, Laura Dawn discusses:

  • The transformation and healing through pain and addiction
  • Dharma, the nature of reality regarded as a universal truth
  • What it means to be a visionary 
  • As leaders, we need to set ourselves up for accountability
  • What is a module for a visionary leader?
  • What is psychedelic leadership?
  • What do the plants teach us in on our path of Elderhood
  • Your personal relationship with the medicine of the plants
  • Roadmap of becoming a Bodhisattva
  • Claiming space within the psychedelic gold rush
  • Shamanism as a way to become a heart-centered leader 
  • Shadow with the Psychedelic movement
  • How do we hold a nuance of growth
  • Microdosing Mastermind 
  • How to breakthrough the glass ceiling 

Laura’s Handles:
The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast
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