Natasja with Nate James on Following Your Dreams, Mental Health and from Stardom to Commoner

Meet Nate James .

Nate is no stranger to the music and entertainment industry. In his career, he has released two solo albums, collaborated with superstars like Aretha Franklin, Norah Jones, and Chaka Khan, written songs for Lemar, Craig David, and Blue, AND been nominated for three MOBO Awards.

Nate James has joint UK/US citizenship as he was born on a U. S. Air Force base in England to an American father and English mother. As a recognized songwriter, he was signed by Universal Publishing in 2004, prior to him releasing any material as a performer. Unlike many young artists, he did not sign away the copyright in his recordings in the fast pursuit of fame. He owns his own music videos and does his own A&R, Nate released on his own Frofunk imprint via various deals with Independent Labels around the world. In so doing Nate has become one of the most successful independent soul recording artists globally. James sold over 1,000,000 albums and enjoyed sizable airplay hits across mainland Europe and Japan. He made an appearance on The Voice UK in 2013.

In this episode Nate James discusses:

  • Influence of Motown and R&B growing up
  • How the pandemic has affected his career, life, and relationships 
  • The Golden threat of a challenging year
  • How going from a successful, popular entertainer to working in a supermarket
  • Coming Out is a Journey, Not a Destination, 
  • Finding the LGBTQIA tribe
  • Creative expression of his coming out, releasing a song “In My Skin”
  • Examining racial stereotypes in the entertainment industry 
  • Inspiration from trailblazing and not following trend
  • Music is storytelling
  • Self-care during challenges and disappointments
  • How energy work such as Reiki has helped his (mental) health 
  • We all need time-out and continued education

Listen to ‘In My Skin’  here as referred to in this episode, being his coming out song.

Check Nate’s latest single release, May 14th, 2021, here ” Chasing The Sun.
Chasing The Sun (Official Video)

Nate James Handles:
Insta: @thenatejames and whatsnateycookin
Twitter @nate_ _ james
Youtube: Nate James
You can follow him here on Spotify

Mentioned in the opening:
Alignment Coaching Journey here 

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