Natasja with Elizabeth Wood on Dropping Polarity, Ascension and the New Human

Meet Elizabeth Wood.

Considered an advanced seer, Elizabeth Wood works on the cutting edge of galactic and quantum anthropology, trauma healing, and futurism. With her lifelong ability to see into and work with all dimensions, her theoretical and psychic work has helped people all over the world. Called “Living Library and Oracle”, Elizabeth has spent her whole life studying anthropological theory, quantum physics, ancient and modern medicine. She has two science degrees, including a Masters in Applied Anthropology. Her philosophies and practices bridge science and spirituality to support real change in the world.

In this episode, Elizabeth Wood discusses:

  • What are the visible changes in the patriarchal system in the last decade 
  • The rise of galactic consciousness
  • In 2017 the matrix shifted into formlessness
  • The  Earth’s Ascension
  • What does it mean to be a Seer & a Scientist
  • How to walk in the middle of polarity
  • What is Discernment, and Truth
  • What is the difference between Soul and Personality
  • The energy that distorts Love is Fear
  • What is a community in a fluid paradigm 
  • How to allow isolation, attachment, and emptiness to be present
  • How to be your own Seer
  • From psychic, and empath embracing your own living library
  • How being an Oracle and navigating 12 Dimensions
  • How empaths can be more grounded during challenging times and connected directly to Source
  • What is Freedom and being of Service


In this episode, we speak about Lucia Rene and her book Unplugging from the Patriarchy 


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