Natasja with Karena, Tian and Jessika on Women in Psychedelics, Sexuality and Initiations

Meet Karena Thompson, Tian Daphne, Jessika Lagarde in Women in Psychedelics series.

The Awaken podcast special series, Women in Psychedelics is a podcast series that does an amazing job of telling the stories of fascinating women who are currently making an impact within the psychedelic and plant healing movement.

The intention for this series is to further amplify female voices within this space. Natasja driven by bringing to the forefront untold stories, exclusive content, and inspiration. This is about offering and celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and sometimes the unseen achievements of women in this psychedelic renaissance. 

Welcome to the very first Round Table Talk!


Karena Thompson
Director of Communications at FungiAcademy 

Karena has been a wellness blogger and influencer for over a decade. Her passion for wellness started at a young age when her parents grew ill due to poor lifestyle choices. When Instragram first released she jumped on board and decided to take the influencer route. She focused her time and energy into using this platform to spread positive and informative wellness tips as well as bring up taboo topics such as psychedelics and sexuality. 

She turned this passion into a career becoming 200hr+ Yoga Teacher, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Health Coach in 2016. As medicinal mushrooms became more popular online, she has started to incorporate fungi into her practices and teachings, helping demystify and spread the magic of mushrooms.

Instagram: @karenaabeana and @FungiAcademy 

WOOP (Women On Psychedelics)

Jessika Lagarde

Co-founder of WOOP, Jessika is a multi-ethnic woman, born and raised in Brazil. She is a storyteller, adventure seeker, and Earth/Climate activist currently living in The Netherlands. Her personal experience with psychedelics and her family history connected to the War on Drugs in her home country are the drivers of her work with WOOP. Women On Psychedelics is aneducational platform made by women – and for women – to normalize and destigmatize the talk around psychedelics, drug use and women’s mental health.

Her personal healing work with psychedelics have made her more aware not only of the crisis of our planet but also of the mental crisis humanity is in. All of her work is informed in taking action in a way that serves the Earth and our human collective, in hopes of mobilizing inner healing towards outer action.


Tian Daphne

Co-founder of WOOP, Tian is an avid explorer of the world and human consciousness who loves to ponder the nature of reality. Serendipitous encounters brought her into the incredible world of fungi and plant medicines, initiating a journey of discovery, learning and deep healing. This ignited a passion to share the emerging research, and to help amplify the voices of women in this field.


JM Balbuena
Author, The Successful Canna-preneur

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