Guided Meditation for Connecting with Your Purpose – North Star Meditation w/ Natasja Pelgrom

Guided Meditation for Connecting with Your Purpose – North Star Meditation W/ Natasja Pelgrom

This guided meditation will inspire and support you on the journey of stepping into your soul purpose and sharing your sacred gifts, talents, and wisdom in the world, during these times when your light is so needed.

So connecting to the North Star is as if you are connecting to your purpose so it can help you make informed decisions. Be content with your progress, knowing that you’re one step closer to your mission…

Over time you may find that your north star will evolve as you evolve. That’s completely fine. You may experience something that pushes you in a different direction.

So, what’s your north star?

Is it being the best parent you can be?

Is it providing fresh water to the world?

Is it empowering children?

Is it living a simple life?

And if you don’t know just at this moment it’s okay, let me support you with this guided visualization meditation where you will be putting it out in the universe, it could be the thing you need to kickstart your journey.

May this meditation uplift your heart and spirit today, and remind you how beautiful you are and how much your love is medicine for this world.

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