Natasja with Sara Barbosa on Traditional Mhuysqua Midwifery of Birth and Death, Ethnopsychiatry, and Sacred Geography

Meet Sara Barbosa is an anthropologist and apprentice of midwifery and traditional medicine with Ramiro Romero and grandmother Naco 9 years ago. She is co-founder of the Bachué Women Foundation, dedicated to the safeguard and accompaniment of traditional indigenous knowledge of medicine and midwifery, especially in Muysqua territory in the Cundiboyacense highlands in Colombia. During the pandemic, Sara and Ramiro decided to take a necessary next step in the territory, starting Origenes Salud IPS as the first model of ecological and intercultural medicine services, dedicated to the mental and sexual health of women. Our basis is in Indigenous thought and is based on the matrix of accompaniment of Mhuysca midwifery and medicine. Our work and process built bridges between the wisdom of traditional midwifery and ethnopsychiatry with Western medicine to improve the quality and access in Colombia to women’s mental and sexual health.

In this episode Sara Barbosa discusses

  • Pregnancy as a vehicle of transformation 
  • What is traditional Colombian midwifery
  • The Muysqua tradition and the guardians of the highlands 
  • The introduction of Muysqua medicine elders, Grandmother Naco and her Son Ramiro 
  • The master plants of the Muysqua; Tabacco, Yopo, Coca, and Tijiqui
  • Midwifery and entheogenic relationship
  • The four cycles of the feminine and the relationship with psychedelics
  • Sacred technology and uniqueness of oneself.
  • Your own story and honoring the proper place of you
  • The story of life, death, and midwifery
  • Midwives are the ultimate managers of lovers
  • Sexual and mental health are intertwined
  • How to discover your sacred geography and how it relates to your practice.
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