Natasja with Jasper Degenaars on Mushrooms, Psychedelics and Human Tribalism

Meet Jasper Degenaars is the Chief Educational Officer of Fungi Academy and the co-founder of the Sacred Mycology Online School. The first fungi-focused online school that teaches individuals how to grow, and work with Sacred Mushrooms anywhere in the world. He has taught over 2000 people how to successfully grow all kinds of mushrooms. Born and raised in the Netherlands he knows the potential of a legal psychedelic landscape where the cultivation and consumption of Psychoactive substances are not punished by law. He believes that Sacred Mushrooms have the potential to deepen our connection with nature, ourselves, and our communities.


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In this episode Jasper discusses: 

  • Living in a society that doesn’t resonate with personal views
  • Psychotropic mushrooms guidance 
  • Understanding the structure of mycelium
  • Psychedelics accessibility and the downside of a non-diverse influence into the research and medical space
  • Psychedelics and safety usages
  • The narrative of a ‘bad trip’ and the chemical studies debunking ‘optimal’ ways
  • Our birthright to experience nature and explore our consciousness
  • Making your own compounds
  • Working with mushrooms bring you into the hearth and ‘We’
  • Tribalism, community, and group containers
  • Different approaches to the ceremony and experiencing these psychedelic mushrooms
  • Rites of passages needed in our society
  • Cultivating a symbiotic relationship with the inner and external realms


We are partnering up with the team over at @FungiAcademy, in support of their vision to connect a global community to empower the growing and sharing of fungal wisdom.🙌

Never have we faced such daunting challenges to both our personal and environmental health, yet a remedy exists right beneath our feet.

Learn lifelong tangible skills for resilience and get the tools to:

  • Grow food
  • Grow medicine (and psychedelic medicine)
  • Take charge of your mental and physical wellness
  • Release anxiety and trust life
  • Reconnect with nature, and ourselves
  • Build community
  • Help others in need 

As sacred mushrooms are becoming less stigmatized, we bring you a course with fun, fast-paced, easy-to-follow mushroom Cultivation and psychedelic Journeywork lessons.

So, if you’d like to step into the world of Sacred Mycology here is an introduction to growing, using, and integrating all kinds of mushrooms into your life. We encourage you to join the Sacred Mycology School with over 90+ lesson videos and 120+ page PDF workbook!

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Little disclaimer:
The healing services and information offered in this episode are not intended as a substitute for professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment and advice. We are not licensed medical doctors, nor do we prescribe any medications. You are responsible for your own medical treatment and care. Always consult your local doctor and in all cases, it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your health care professional. However, mushrooms containing psilocybin are a positive addition to regular medical care and are offered as an alternative and complementary healing method. This greatly expands your treatment options. No healing can be guaranteed to cure you, prevent or treat your condition/disorder

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