Natasja with Aysen Farag on Ancestral Healing, Tobacco Medicine, Indigenous Languages, Indigenous Plant Medicine

Meet Aysen Farag is an Indigenous Medicine Woman of Amazigh, Jieng, and Kuku-Bari heritage. She has worked as a traditional herbalist and ceremonial leader for the last eight years and has continued to support the roots of indigenous values, honor, and customs as a teacher of ethnobotany and indigenous rights through African narratives of understanding. She knows well the plight of indigenous peoples around the world, and the sense of urgency there is to use their gifts and knowledge to bring healing to the Earth and its human and non-human kin. She has been working diligently to revive her ancestors’ old traditions and languages, fighting for land reclamation, and recovering sacred ceremonies that were lost due to colonialism. In addition, she offers support, healing, and mentorship to others wanting to deepen into their own ancestral traditions, whether directly known to them or not. Aysen’s greatest dream is to redefine the narratives of African Indigenous and Diasporic people with the beauty, wisdom, and grace that they deserve. She believes that the root of reclaiming one’s power is through giving voice to one’s deepest truth.

Social Media handles: @lady_of_the_green
Facebook: Aysen Farag, Dreaming Roots – Indigenous Plant Medicine, Ceremony & Rites
Website: (it is currently under construction)

In this episode Aysen discusses:

  • Divine timing and the meaning of her name
  • The type difference of ancestors, biology, and soul
  • What is ancestral work
  • Ethnobotany and plant medicine work
  • Ceremonial and ritual body practices to access ancestral work
  • The power of dreamwork
  • What is the Tobacco ceremony and its healing potential
  • Challenged in Indigenous cultures
  • Medicine songs are given through dreamwork
  • Rediscovering your own lineages
  • What is food sovereignty 
  • Learning and revitalizing indigenous languages

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