Natasja with Philip Carr-Gomm exploring Druidry, Mental Health, Psychology, and Psychedelic Integration

Meet Philip Carr-Gomm, who specializes in the field of psychology & spirituality, has led a Druid group for over 30 years, written a number of books, and trained in psychotherapy for adults, play therapy, and Montessori education. He currently contributes to the work of Dr. Rosalind Watts’s ACER psychedelic integration project.

In this episode Philip discusses:

  • What Druidry is and the role of storytelling
  • How to bridge psychology and spirituality 
  • How psychedelics reinforced his connection to Buddism and Druidism
  • Druidry for wellbeing and mental health support
  • The benefits of a spiritual community for mental wellbeing
  • Initiation Ceremonies, Archetypes, the language of Jung, and Druidism
  • The tree’s as allies for Psychedelic Integration work
  • How to connect to Druidry
  • His next book, The Gift of the Night: Combining Sleep Science with Spirituality with insights from psychedelic therapy


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In this episode we refer to the following:

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