Natasja with Henk Doller on Authentic Leadership, Space Holding and Plant Medicines

Meet Henk Doller, has a Bachelor’s degree HRM Trainer and Education and he started his career in 1995 as a commercial intermediary. He made the switch to the non-profit sector and as a team coordinator and trainer developed services and training in the social domain. Henk has also developed himself as a project leader for the Information Management Academy, responsible for setting up and executing interdepartmental courses in the field of government and ICT. Within these projects, he also provided modules aimed at training and strengthening personal skills. And since 2010 he serves as interim coach and trainer in the field of career, mobility, and management development.

In 2012 he was initiated in the Munay Ki healing system. It’s an energy healing system and cosmology of the peoples living in the Andes in South America and Inca shamanism. Over the years he’s had many teachings and a wide range of shamanic lineages and since 2013 leading groups and individuals 1-25 participants in Ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats. His Dutch roots eventually polled him towards Truffles containing psilocybin and have facilitated over the past 7 years indoor and outdoor ceremonies. As a retreat leader, he often combines his process with modalities such as Cocoa ceremony, meditation, silent walks, and sharing rounds. His deep passion to bridge both worlds, the mystical and organizational, is felt in all his endeavors. Henk has 26+ years of experience with one-on-one guidance and 20 years in guiding teams and groups.

In this episode Henk discusses:
What are the core principles of space holding
A spiritual journey with Plant Medicines
Munay Ki healing system initiations
How plant medicines and psychedelics inform and influence leadership qualities
The practice of being a student of life
What it means to have a judgment-free setting
Sacred feminine and masculine qualities in leadership
How can a leader influence the systems they are in with plant medicines and psychedelics 
How to be present in relationships
Playing is being in the now
Walking many worlds, from cooperative to sacred medicine work
The practice of prayer

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In this episode we speak about:
Hira Hose
Documentary Stepping into the fire

The retreat where Henk is one of our space holders:

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