Natasja with Julian Vayne on the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Magic in Psychedelic Medicine

Meet Julian Vayne, a British independent scholar and author with over three decades of experience within esoteric culture: from Druidry to Chaos Magic, from indigenous Shamanism through to Freemasonry and Witchcraft.

In this episode Julian discusses:

  • Role of psychedelics socially
  • Rituals and Ceremonies and their structural understanding
  • Psychedelics learning vs healing
  • Difference between space holding and research with psychedelics
  • Animism, metaphors, spirits, and the techniques of energy work possible in sitting work
  • Eleusinian mysteries and the cultures of the pre-colonial Americas 
  • Magic in Psychedelic Medicine 
  • Bridging research with sacredness
  • Challenges within the current psychedelic training programs
  • Possibility psychedelic futures


Social Media handles: @julian.vayne

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