Natasja with Elizabeth Bast on the Four Pillars of Iboga, and the Journey of a Devotee

Meet in this episode Elizabeth Bast is a Bwiti initiate, traditionally trained iboga provider, and a co-founder of SoulCentro Iboga Retreats. She is the author of the award-winning memoir, Heart Medicine: A True Love Story–One Couple’s Quest for the Sacred Iboga Medicine & the Cure for Addiction. Bast is a recipient of a Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance grant from the psychedelic feminist nonprofit organization Cosmic Sister and a member of Cosmic Sister’s Expert Advisory Circle. She studied at New College of San Francisco with an emphasis on Art and Social Change and completed the transformational coach training program for psychedelic integration with Being True to You. Elizabeth’s Bwiti name is Mbeye, which means the medicine of the river.

In this episode Elizabeth discusses:

  • What brought you to iboga medicine?
  • Iboga is a powerful and medically sensitive medicine. What does it mean to be a medically responsible provider of iboga?
  • The importance of a strong code of ethics as a medicine provider
  • The acknowledgment as a healer by the Bwiti elders
  • What is reciprocity with regard to indigenous communities and why is it important?
  • The mind, body, and soul purge with Iboga
  • How can iboga help with relationships
  • Story and vision for SoulCentro.
  • Humility as a teaching force
  • Living as a devotee and student of the medicine
  • The four pillars of Iboga: Addiction recovery, Trauma healing, Holistic wellness  and Visionary creativity
  • Medicine coding, attire, and sacred colors
  • Tobacco medicine, the teacher plant


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This episode is part of The Awaken Podcast special series, Women in Psychedelics is a podcast series that does an amazing job of telling the stories of fascinating women who are currently making an impact within the psychedelic and plant healing movement.

The intention of this series is to further amplify female voices within this space. Natasja is driven by bringing to the forefront untold stories, exclusive content, and inspiration. This is about offering and celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and sometimes unseen achievements of women in this psychedelic renaissance. A way to stand together embracing our diversity for a greater Eco-system.

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