Natasja with Jaguar Womban on WombSteam Ceremony as a Ritual of Prayer, and NDE as Initiation Journey

The Awaken Podcast special series, Women in Psychedelics is a podcast series that does an amazing job of telling the stories of fascinating women who are currently making an impact within the psychedelic and plant healing movement.

The intention of this series is to further amplify female voices within this space. Natasja is driven by bringing to the forefront untold stories, exclusive content, and inspiration. This is about offering and celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and sometimes unseen achievements of women in this psychedelic renaissance. A way to stand together embracing our diversity for a greater Eco-system.

Meet Jaguar Womban is a multidimensional healing artist, Medicine Womban, and Visionary Mother of The WombNation. She is an intuitive herbalist, ancestral channel, poet, and teacher who shares ways to connect to Mother Earth using plant medicine and ceremony. In both her private TEAsessions and The Circle of Light womban circle, Jaguar teaches how to use the unique self-care ritual of WombSteaming as a Ritual of Prayer and a Sacred Tool to awaken our innate Womb Wisdom and Divine Internal Guidance System.

Jaguar’s journey into the mystical began when she was struck by a car while on foot and had a Death Experience (NDE) that left her in a coma with a diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury. This began her healing journey of relearning walking, talking, reading, writing, and social skills. She was first shuffled through traditional western medicine and rehabilitation and after not attaining the healing she desired, sought out a path of her ancestral traditions. On her journey, she experienced a solo pilgrimage of spiritual and physical transformation and formed The WombNation to bring the power of these life-changing rituals and her unique Jaguar Medicine to womb carriers worldwide.

Jaguar is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga instructor, Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga instructor, Thai Yoga bodywork practitioner, and attuned Healer. She has an MA in Creative Writing/Poetry and is a published, poet and powerful performer. In both her healing work and creative expression, she incorporates her study and practice of Shamanism, Sanskrit mantra, sound healing, breathwork, ancestral plant medicine, movement, and ceremony.

In this episode Jaguar Womban discusses:

  • Death as an initiation journey
  • NDE as an opening for dimensional work
  • Her personal story of awakening and being in a psychiatric ward 
  • How to walk the path of our purpose with clarity
  • Completing the work of the embodied feminine
  • Womb steaming / vaginal steam as a portal and dimensional work
  • Remembering the medicine of the grandmothers
  • The quantum field of the Womb
  • The history of wombteam
  • Plantbaths and womb steam with teacher plants for healing and teachings
  • What are plant teachers
  • The frequencies of the plants
  • Womb work for ancestral work and honoring the cycles of life
  • The medicine of plant baths for those without a womb


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