Do You Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude?

Thankfulness is something most people agree is good, but it often remains an abstract positive, something we know is beneficial but can’t necessarily explain why…more…

Stress: the Catalyst for Change

A conscious approach to living does not make you immune to stress. However, choosing to practice awareness can shorten the time in which you experience seeming moments of pressure or tension.  

Understanding Psychedelic Integration

During many transformational workshops, I have been able to witness that individuals are generally in need of additional integration support, especially after aspects of awakening arise into the conscious mind. It is also the case for those undergoing a powerful entheogenic awakening. It can be hard to wrap one’s head around a process that is … More Understanding Psychedelic Integration

Judgment a gateway to Self-love

Good or Bad.  Right or Wrong.  Fun or Boring. Easy or Difficult.  Beautiful or Ugly. Every day, we’re surrounded by judgments, whether on the television or in our own minds. Our culture is strongly attached to categorizing and comparing. Despite our best efforts, we all judge others. It might be over small things, like a … More Judgment a gateway to Self-love

Seven-Steps for Self-Love

Self-love is a popular term today that gets tossed around in normal conversation. “You have to love yourself more.” “If you only loved yourself, this wouldn’t have happened to you.” “You can’t love another person until you love yourself first.” These are just a few of the self-love instructions that we give or get.

One more round and a Vodka to go!

Life, as most of us have come to understand, doesn’t always go according to plan. People tell you to dream big. People tell you to have attainable goals. Society tells you what is right or wrong. We are taught as children to build strong, confident egos. Capable of handling the roughness of the world so … More One more round and a Vodka to go!

11 Benefits of connecting with ‘The Spirit of Cacao’

Do you know that chocolate is actually medicine? How cool is that? It is one of the most powerful, gentle facilitators, teachers and guides that I know – and it is delicious too!  You can discover how in raw cacao ceremonial doses become a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love…

The Archetype of the Mature Masculine: The King

We hear a lot these days about wild women, female spiritual ascension, sisterhood, female mysticism, womb magic, contacting the goddess within and the awakening of the sacred feminine.  By now we have seen what the traits of the Divine Feminine are. Let’s see what the Divine Masculine is! Masculine energy is, of course, totally different … More The Archetype of the Mature Masculine: The King

Your Yoni And The Easter Egg

Reviving Your Spiritual And Sexual Relationships. The history of Easter Eggs as a symbol of new life should come as no surprise. The notion that the Earth itself was hatched from an egg was once widespread and appears in creation stories ranging from Asian to Ireland.

Being Alone

As an energetically sensitive person aka empath, too much togetherness may seem overwhelming to me. Of course, I love experiencing connections but I can encounter quite some sensory overload especially when I am in an intimate relationship. I wrote about this specific topic in When I Feel What I Feel…  I, therefore, developed a very … More Being Alone