Awakening Integration Session

I have witnessed during many transformational workshops that individuals are generally in need of additional support to integrate various aspects of awakening, and especially how to apply to your busy western lifestyles. It is also the case for those undergoing a powerful entheogenic awakening. Circumstances and issues surrounding reactivations may arise that need to be addressed. Experiencing deep catharsis or re-experiencing a past trauma or unresolved fear may arise.

You may experience profound insights, new perspectives on yourself and the world, showing you astounding beauty and deep emotions. It can also be deeply disturbing and shake your perception of yourself and everything around you. But even the most profound experiences might not lead to persistent learning or change processes affecting your life. Humans have a tendency to forget insights and their impulses change quickly. It is easy to fall back into defunct or harmful patterns even though we know better.

Awakening Integration Session is a 90min online private session. 


Stages of Integration

At a very basic level, any journey requires for integration, which means cleaning up your act in support of your newly upgraded self. Job, relationships, diet, habits, mindset—all these are up for transformation in the weeks following and post-initiation/ceremony/awakening.

The second level of integration involves shadow work. Sacred Medicine and deep Rebirthing/transformational retreats can be a potent activator of the unconscious, bringing buried traumas, forgotten experiences, and rejected aspects of self to the light within your journey. Integration, in large part, is the process of absorbing and digesting this raw material; quite literally, incorporating it into your consciousness. This inevitably changes your perspective on life, self, identity, and purpose.

As we continue, the third level of integration emerges the task of bringing soul to the world, showing up as our true whole selves. We begin to cultivate a way of being that is in touch with what really matters. In our session, we will address all three of these levels of integration and if required I will provide proven and effective tools and practices to support your transformation.


*Price information on request. I offer exclusive individual packages.