Commissioned Work // DubtiMystic

DubtiMystic //
This artwork was made especially as an EP cover for DubtiMystic.
DubtiMystic is a collaboration between Dj/Producer and dance floor shaman Leo Melcherts Jr. and Singer/ songwriter/Sound Priestess Galitta Tassa, who share the passion of the power of sound frequency and music to raise consciousness. This revolutionary EP is a celebration of the musical union between masculine and feminine universal forces, mixing futuristic electronics with Mythological ancient prayers and instruments. All tracks are recorded in the healing frequency of 432Hz.

DubtiMystic //

Custom Made Spiritual Artwork
I create and channel from my heart, with my hands, ears and eyes images that reflect layers of you. My spiritual works are evocative and inspiring. I use different elements to incorporate inspirations, balance and harmony onto your portrait. My intention is to create High Vibration images to raise the collective frequency.
My custom made art can be used for the express purpose of bringing balance and harmony onto your consciousness or as a marketing / communication tool on your blog, site and/or for your social media outlet.

If you’re interested in your own custom made spiritual artwork or just curious how I work, please feel free to contact me at

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