Commissioned Work // Kim Kingsbury

Kim Kingsbury ascencion path
To reflect Kim’s transformational process and expansion of her consciousness she approached me to create and channel heArtwork that reflect her remembrance of herself. With gratitude I present my latest commissioned artwork.

Here is what Kim has to say about it:
” To help visualize my ascension path and energy I reached out to Natasja to help me create this. Although told by many it was hard for me to picture myself as a being with unlimited creative potential and possibilities. It was a pleasure working with Natasja who channeled an ascension visualisation that was right on-energy and on-emotion the first time. Not only is it helpful for myself but also to others as it helps me remember and realize the universal connection we all have with each other. From a Buddhist perspective, your suffering is my suffering and in achieving happiness it is best done by also contributing to other beings’ happiness.” Kim Kingsbury

Custom Made Spiritual Artwork
I create and channel from my heart, with my hands, ears and eyes images that reflect layers of you. My spiritual works are evocative and inspiring. I use different elements to incorporate inspirations, balance and harmony onto your portrait. My intention is to create High Vibration images to raise the collective frequency.
My custom made art can be used for the express purpose of bringing balance and harmony onto your consciousness or as a marketing / communication tool on your blog, site and/or for your social media outlet.

If you’re interested in your own custom made spiritual artwork or just curious how I work, please feel free to contact me at

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