Meet Natasja


Natasja has had a vibrant, traditionally professional, career ‒ with chapters as a trained photographer and a businesswoman, directing multiple companies and working variously in fashion, hospitality, and events ‒ but she started to show an aptitude for her current role as a Holistic Transformational Mentor at a young age.

Born in Amsterdam to a Dutch mother and Portuguese father, Natasja’s clairvoyant abilities were first evident in childhood. Throughout her professional development, she maintained strong ties to her innate sense of spirituality, by concurrently studying energy healing, Reiki, ThetaHealing®, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and neo-shamanism. She began using this acquired expertise to help others, and now has over 10 years of experience in counseling, life, and business coaching.

In 2013, Natasja decided to leave the rat-race behind, fully-embracing her guiding inclinations, to dedicate herself to the exploration of consciousness and to help others using the knowledge gained from a lifelong fascination with wellness and healing. She assists people who are seeking cutting-edge transformational tools to support their own healing and/or personal development and to access their best self by working from within. As a medicine woman operating internationally, she curates medicine retreats, teaches empowerment workshops and developed a psychedelic integration and Self-Love program.

Natasja has experience in working with:
Free yourself from habits and addictions
Resolve traumas and emotional issues
Create wealth and abundance
Increase confidence and self-esteem
Anxiety & Stress
Release fears and phobias
Psychedelic Prep/Integration coaching
Uncover your ideal career
Business coaching
Unlock your creativity
Inner Child work
Questions of meaning and spirituality
DNA activation
Energetic clearing


  • Psychedelic Prep/Integration coaching
  • Believe Work
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • EFT tapping therapy
  • Coaching/motivational interviewing
  • ThetaHealing®
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Shamanic Journeying & Healing
  • DNA Activation
  • Inner Child work
  • Highly empathic abilities
  • Vortex healing
  • Location reading and clearing

“I feel blessed to be here during this great shift we are experiencing. It has been an honor to be a way-shower through the transition and it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for those who guided me. All I create is to help expand our consciousness and a way for you to remember – about our Freedom, Spirit and the Power Within You.”


The Awaken Podcast w/ Natasja Pelgrom

In each episode, Natasja and her guests dive deep into topics such as universal spiritual principles, psychedelics, wisdom traditions, neuroscience, and day to day self-care practices. You will hear heart-opening conversations and inspiring interviews with leaders and experts from all over the world. Expect to leave each episode with expanded consciousness and practical tips to apply to your life right away.

Get ready to, up-level your thinking, crack open your heart, and be positively entertained!



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”Deep within the human heart lies the desire to awaken the medicine within.” ~ Natasja Pelgrom