Meet Natasja


Natasja, with a Dutch mother and Portuguese father, was born in Amsterdam and
has lived in Portugal, Spain, and Holland for many years. Since her childhood, she
has the ability of clairvoyance; clear knowing, feeling and hearing.
Natasja trained as a photographer before later creating several companies and
becoming a successful businesswoman in the hospitality, events, and fashion

Within those years she did always study esoteric philosophy, Reiki, ThetaHealing®, ETF, NLP, nutrition, and shamanism. In 2013, she made a major shift in her life. She had enough of the fast-passed lifestyle. She started her journey inwards, closed her business, and dedicating herself to the exploration of consciousness.

Today she is a Holistic Transformational Mentor with significant experience in
counseling; life and business coaching with over ten years of practice. She assists people who are seeking cutting-edge transformational tools to support their own healing/transformation from the inside out to achieve optimal wellness. Natasja travels extensively throughout Europe, studying and sharing her innate medicine woman wisdom. She is an intuitive facilitator who creates a powerfully safe space of acceptance and love. Those in her presence are reminded of their capacity to create their own reality. She has a strong background in working with those suffering from habits and addictions, unresolved traumas, depression, relationship issues, anxiety, and stress.

More recently, she developed an Awakening Integration program. As an authentic facilitator and educator of numerous empowerment workshops, retreats, and sacred medicine journeys, she supports the Alignment between the gut, mind & heart.

“I feel blessed to be here during this great shift we are experiencing. It has been an honor to be a way-shower through the transition and it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for those who guided me. All I create is to help expand our consciousness and a way for you to remember – about our Freedom, Spirit and the Power Within You.”

”Deep within the human heart lies the desire to awaken the medicine within.” ~ Natasja Pelgrom