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Introducing Natasja Pelgrom, a revered thought leader and accomplished executive who has made indelible contributions to the realms of personal transformation and psychedelics. As a sacred medicine woman, visionary leader, and mystical mentor, Natasja embarks on profound spiritual alchemy journeys, providing a compassionate space for self-leadership, behavioural and systems change.

With her extensive experience as the founder of Awaken The Medicine Within, Natasja spearheads retreats and education programs that employ psycho-spiritual approaches to support individuals since 2017. Her remarkable intuition and empathic guidance have played pivotal roles in over 800 psychedelic ceremonies, where she has served as a trainer, assistant, and facilitator. Furthermore, Natasja has held influential positions in various psilocybin-assisted wellness retreats and curated transformative programs, showcasing her expertise in overseeing psychedelic facilitation team development, and training paired with proven entrepreneurial understanding.

Natasja’s impact extends beyond individual mentorship, as she currently advises and supervises executives in the (psychedelic) wellness industry. Her profound wisdom and multifaceted mentorship approach, coupled with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, have positioned her as a trusted mentor for leaders, coaches, therapists, and healers. Natasja focuses on fostering mind-heart coherence to help these professionals thrive in their respective services.

Diverse Skills

Recognized for her diverse range of skills, Natasja launched “The Awaken Podcast” in January 2021, where she delves deep into subjects such as psychedelics, wisdom traditions, science, while bridging a practical view on everyday personal development practices. Through her podcast and other creative endeavors, Natasja’s unwavering dedication lies in supporting individuals to live balanced, fulfilling, heart-centered lives.

Natasja also continues to express herself through her artwork, she recently showcased in captivating exhibition ‘Visions of the Sacred’, where she unveils the profound interaction between humans, plant deities, elements, and hallucinogenic molecules. Each piece is a testament to her 30 years of deep exploration and her ability to manifest the mystical forces of nature in captivating hues and patterns.

Wisdom Curiosity

Although Natasja has enjoyed a vibrant and traditionally professional career in fields such as photography, fashion, hospitality, and events, her intuitive mystic abilities emerged early on. Born in Amsterdam to a Dutch mother and Portuguese father, Natasja’s highly intuitive essence manifested during her childhood. Over the years, she has cultivated her innate spiritual connection while studying energy healing, Reiki, ThetaHealing®, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), SE Somatic Experiencing, trauma-informed care, client-centered coaching techniques, and wisdom traditions.

Driven by her quest to comprehend the truth about the soul, cosmos, and nature, including her personal visions, Natasja has explored various alchemical teachings. These include the ancient Sephardic Kabbalah dream and intent work, intuitive sacred geometry, teachings from female Taoist masters, Mary Magdalena’s sacred wisdom, the human energy system, energy fields surrounding the body and Earth, the sacred geometry of the human light body, programming and creating surrogate Mer-Ka-Bas, and healing from the Prana Sphere. She feels a profound connection to traditions such as Hopi, Lakota, Kogi, The Seri or Comcaac, Mazatec, and Pagan, infusing her rituals and ceremonies with a universal shamanic approach that respects and honors tradition and its elders and teachers. She support various initiatives, in right relationship and benefit sharing, from smaller to lager scale, here two who you could support too:

The Fountain


Although Natasja has been widely recognised as a Seer, Medicine Woman, and has been called an Oracle, she remains grounded in the virtues of humor, and humility. Despite her extraordinary abilities and profound insights, she embraces the importance of our shared humanity, recognizing that being down-to-earth and relatable are essential qualities for connecting with others on their transformative journeys. Natasja’s commitment to maintaining her authenticity and nurturing a compassionate connection with those she guides exemplifies the power of remaining humble, grounded, and inherently human on the path of spiritual growth.

The Shift

Since 2013, Natasja has embraced her guiding inclinations, leaving behind the rat race to fully dedicate herself to her innate medicine woman abilities and help others using her lifelong fascination with mysticism, herbalism and spirituality. Today, she assists individuals seeking leading-edge transformational tools to support their personal growth. Natasja firmly believes that we are an integral part of nature, and through connecting to the teachings of nature, we can remember our freedom, spirit, and creative forces.

With her inclusive, empowering, activating, and initiatory approach, Natasja has vast experience in various aspects of healing and personal growth. This includes addressing mental, emotional, and physical trauma, understanding the phenomenon of soul and power loss, working with mind-heart integration, discovering one’s spiritual calling, releasing blocked energy, healing core wounds and beliefs, inner child and shadow work, navigating the dark night of the soul, accessing one’s true nature, freeing oneself from habits and addictions, psychedelic preparation and integration coaching, reclaiming women’s leadership, working with archetypes, transforming negative thinking patterns, practicing self-love and self-care, activating coding within the human light body, and clearing trauma in collective and individual spaces.

In her commitment to using her clair sensory abilities with the utmost integrity, Natasja ensures that they are employed solely for the empowerment of others. By embracing the medicine within and translating sovereign remembrance into grounded actions of contribution, Natasja invites individuals to embark on a transformative journey toward a stewardship model, guided by her exceptional leadership and mentorship.

“Deep within the human heart lies the desire to awaken the medicine within.”

Natasja Pelgrom

Latest Podcast Features

Sacredness and Leadership in the Psychedelic Space w/ Natasja Pelgrom

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Regenerative Stewardship: Evolving the Psychedelic Retreat Model
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Most Recent Public Speaking

Birthing and Ancient Future, June 2023 Panel led and created by Natasja Pelgrom

Stewardship in a Time of Exponential (Psychedelic) Growth

Panel Abstract In this panel a new generation of stewards come together to explore, share and envision an ethical community based future where reciprocity and kind awareness are key qualities of the psychedelic and plant medicines paradigm. “What can we learn from Indigenous stewardship?’ It does not seek to reduce the labour of earthwork; it is by tending the lands that we come into Right Relation. Indigenous stewardship requires getting more people out on the land. And for us this is a good thing. Earthwork gives our people the opportunity to heal from the traumas of colonialism by engaging the land in ceremony and in community; this is how they pass on their land-based teachings to future generations. “What does stewardship look like in our lives today?” This question must be asked to evaluate where our mindset is. Stewardship is being responsible for the things that our planet has given us.

To help build a framework, we will begin unpacking this idea of stewardship through four important universal principles. 1. The principle of ownership. 2. The principle of responsibility 3. The principle of accountability 4. The principle of reward.

Breaking Convention 2023

Journeying with 5-MeO-DMT and Space Holding: Navigating Profound Experiences for the Benefit of Community.

In this session, we will explore the intriguing substance known as 5-MeO-DMT and the concept of “space holding.” 5-MeO-DMT is a powerful psychedelic compound that has gained popularity in recent years due to its profound effects on consciousness and spirituality. Space holding, on the other hand, refers to the practice of creating a safe and supportive environment for individuals undergoing intense psychedelic experiences. Through a combination of personal anecdotes and lessons learned through this teacher, we will delve into the unique effects of 5-MeO-DMT and how space holding can be a core teaching in group setting for the purpose of reconnecting to our shared humanity and communitas consciousness.

Worlds Collide: Clinics and Churches

Panel discussion on psychedelic facilitation featuring Danny Nemu, David Erritzøe and Natasja Pelgrom. Chaired by Julian Vayne .This panel took place in London at the Breaking Convention event World’s Collide in July 2022.


An exploration of the latest developments from the flourishing field of modern psychedelic psychotherapy

Sharing practical experiences and insights from both elders and newer research voices in the psychedelic research and clinical communities, this book examines new approaches for healing individual and collective trauma with psychedelics as well as the therapeutic potential of expanded states of consciousness.

Natasja has contribute to the publication in chapter 17 The Deep Dive into Bufo Alvarius (5-MeO-DMT)

Other Publications:

Vrij Nederland Medium D2

Natasja Pelgrom: Empowering Speaker, and Transformational Advisor

Natasja’s impactful presence and profound insights have made her a sought-after speaker for public engagements, podcasts, and inspirational talks. Her ability to captivate audiences with her wisdom and share transformative experiences make her a compelling and engaging speaker. Natasja’s unique perspective and deep understanding of spiritual growth and personal transformation also make her an ideal candidate for advisory roles, where she can offer invaluable guidance and strategic insights to organizations seeking to enhance their wellness and personal development initiatives. With Natasja’s profound expertise and charismatic presence, inviting her to speak, participate in podcasts, or assume advisory positions promises to inspire, empower, and transform the lives of those who engage with her.

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