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Natasja Pelgrom is a Wisdom Channel, Sacred Medicine Woman, Mystic, Devotional Creative and Visionary who leads spiritual alchemy journeys, providing a compassionate space for transformation and remembering.

Natasja Pelgrom is a sacred medicine woman, visionary leader and mystical mentor who leads spiritual journeys, she is the founder of Awaken The Medicine Within, retreats and programs supporting people with psycho-spiritual approaches since 2017. Natasja is a highly intuitive guide and has held training, assisting, and facilitation roles in over 800 psychedelic ceremonies. Natasja has held multiple leading roles psilocybin assisted wellness retreats and key curator transformational retreat programs. She also oversaw psychedelic facilitation teams development and training. She currently advises and supervises executives in the (psychedelic) wellness industry. Natasja is also a mentor to leaders, coaches, therapists, and healers where she focuses on the mind & heart coherence to prosper in their services. Natasja’s multifaceted mentorship approach is paired with 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience.

In January 2021 she launched her Podcast series called, The Awaken Podcast . Were Natasja and her guests dive deep into topics around sacred plant medicines, wisdom traditions, ascension, science, and day to day personal development practices.

All of her creations are dedicated to supporting people to live a balanced fulfilling heart centered sovereign life.  

Natasja has had a vibrant, traditionally professional, career ‒ with chapters as a trained photographer and a businesswoman, directing multiple companies and working variously in fashion, hospitality, and events ‒ but she started to show an aptitude for her intuitive mystic abilities at a young age.

Born in Amsterdam to a Dutch mother and Portuguese father, Natasja’s Clair Sensory abilities (Natasja holds a fusion between Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairempathy, and Clairsentience) were first evident in childhood. Through trauma release, trance states and healing journey’s she has had several initiatory awakening experiences ever since her teenage years which she now catalysis into her space holding, advisory role’s and mentoring practices.

Throughout her professional development, she maintained strong ties to her innate sense of spirituality, by concurrently studying energy healing, Reiki, ThetaHealing®, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Trauma Informed Care, Client centered coaching techniques and Wisdom Traditions. 

In her search to understand the truth about the soul, cosmos, nature including her personal visions she explored alchemical teachings; like the ancient Sephardic Kabbalah dream and intent work, the Feminine gems of Intuitive in Sacred Geometry, Female Taoist Masters, Mary Magdalena Sacred teachings, the Human Energy System, Energy Fields around the Body and Earth, the Sacred Geometry of the Human Lightbody, Programming and Creating (surrogate) Mer-Ka-Ba, and Healing from the Prana Sphere. She feels highly connected to the Lakota, Kogi, The Seri or Comcaac, Mazatec, and Pagan traditions. In her rituals and ceremonies you may experience a neo-shamanic approach to the space and use of the elements, while maintaining a reverence for the traditions and acknowledging its Elders and teachers. 

She has been since 2013 a student of the Sacred Wisdom and Ancient Mystery School teachings from the Hopi and American Indian tradition, her Elders and teachers are Grandmother Medicine Song and Wisdom Singer.

One of her current Elders and Advisor is Dr. Regina U Hess a clinical psychologist holding a PhD in transpersonal psychology. She is a body-centered integrative psychotherapist and supervisor. Regina has a broad experience of humanitarian fieldwork and research on global health. She is PhD core faculty at the Ubiquity University/Integral Transpersonal Institute, and is an independent researcher. Dr. Regina U. Hess is on the Board many Associations, Institutes and initiatives. Dr. Regina Hess and Natasja have a candid conversation on The Awaken Podcast, listen here.

In 2013, Natasja decided to leave the rat-race behind, fully-embracing her guiding inclinations, to dedicate herself to her innate Medicine Woman and to help others using the knowledge gained from a lifelong fascination with mysticism and spirituality. Today she assists people who are seeking cutting-edge transformational tools to support their transformation.

Natasja believes that we are part of nature and, like nature we are in an endless cycles of finding balance. She believes that we can all connect to the Creative Source of All That Is and remember our freedom, spirit, and Creator forces.

Through her work, Natasja guides us to connect to the Medicine Within  and to turn our sovereign remembrance into grounded actions of contribution while bridging them into a New Paradigm. Her work is inclusive, empowering, activating and initiatory.

Natasja has experience in working with:

  • Mental, emotional, and/or physical trauma and spiritual healing
  • The phenomenon of soul and power loss, entanglement, lineage patterns, and disconnection from the nature world  
  • Uniting the mind and heart
  • Discovering one’s spiritual calling
  • Releasing blocked energy
  • Working through core wounds and beliefs
  • Inner child work and shadow work
  • Moving through the dark night of the soul
  • Gaining access to one’s True Nature
  • Free yourself from habits and addictions
  • Psychedelic Prep/Integration coaching
  • Reclaiming women’s leadership 
  • Working with archetypes 
  • Changing negative thinking patterns
  • Learning self-love and self-care practices
  • Activating coding within the human (Light) body
  • Clearing trauma in the collective field and individual space’s
  • Using Claire Sensory in the highest integrity, and only in the empowerment of another

“Deep within the human heart lies the desire to awaken the medicine within.”

Natasja Pelgrom

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Regenerative Stewardship: Evolving the Psychedelic Retreat Model
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An exploration of the latest developments from the flourishing field of modern psychedelic psychotherapy

Sharing practical experiences and insights from both elders and newer research voices in the psychedelic research and clinical communities, this book examines new approaches for healing individual and collective trauma with psychedelics as well as the therapeutic potential of expanded states of consciousness.

Natasja has contribute to the publication in chapter 17 The Deep Dive into Bufo Alvarius (5-MeO-DMT)

Other Publications:

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Grow Medicine

Join Natasja in solidarity-based support so we can ensure the original stewards of plant medicines are uplifted, honored, and supported in the search for collective healing. Natasja donate’s personally and with Awaken The Medicine Within retreats directly to Grow Medicine a percentage from each of their retreat participants.

Indigenous medicines and their cultures are at risk of being destroyed, lost, and forgotten – along with the traditional knowledge embedded within them. With the growing popularity of ayahuasca, iboga, toad, and other sacred medicines, it’s important that we respect and honor the traditional knowledge holders of these medicines. If we want to avoid sacred plant medicine getting turned into yet another extractive industry, we need to engage in best practices now. How do you do that??

Grow Medicine — an easy-to-use mobile platform that allows you to make a donation to Indigenous-led initiatives that support Indigenous medicine and bio-cultural conservation. A donation through Grow Medicine supports the ecosystems and communities that have crucial relationships with these medicines upon which they rely for resilience, spiritual health, and cultural survival.

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