Calling In The Conscious Presence Of All Wayshowers

More and more of us are going to find, whether we wish it or not, that we’ve signed on to be way-showers. For some that will come as bad news. Oh my gosh, I can’t do this or think that or be seen doing the other! Or how arrogant of me to call myself a … More Calling In The Conscious Presence Of All Wayshowers

Sacred Teachings

Life occurs as a series of cycles. In a single human lifetime, the first cycle is conception and the last cycle is death. I feel that death is not an end, but merely the start of a new cycle. Transformation, in all forms, happens to everyone. It is a natural part of life, but it … More Sacred Teachings

Me, Myself & My Shadow

Our journey of Self-Exploration is a bit like Dante’s Inferno. Before making our way out of “hell” we must walk through the depths of our inner darkness.  Many religions symbolize these experiences well. Two famous examples include the case of Jesus who had to face Satan in the desert and Buddha’s encounter with Mara (the … More Me, Myself & My Shadow

When I Feel What I Feel…

A massive percentage of the people I interact with in my daily life have no idea that I’m an energetically sensitive person aka Empath and to what exact extent I feel, sense and hear. Of those who are open to the fact that I have strong gifts of intuition and empathy, some do not fully … More When I Feel What I Feel…

Sex, A Pathway Toward Abundance

Many of us haven’t been taught that sex is actually a powerful tool for transcendental development. In fact, spiritual sex is the quickest and easiest way to have something resembling a mystical experience.

Touching The Void

Spirituality is being introduced to- and in many people, these days, and the growing number makes it easier for the Ones on the Way, to live with their decision to reconnect to the Source within. There is, however a mutual misunderstanding happening within the spiritual circles, that spirituality is all about Love and Light.

The Aftermath Of Spiritual Ecstasy

The other day I was sitting at the bus stop, letting my soul catch up with my body after an amazing three week of learning about the Intuitive Anatomy of ThetaHealing®—transforming our beliefs, programs and feelings within Source. That morning, as we shared our last session together, I felt that what has happened in our … More The Aftermath Of Spiritual Ecstasy

My Sacred Pack

The concept of a Power Animal is universal to all cultures. Power animals are spirit guides in animal form, valuable allies who can help you navigate through life’s challenges and transitions. You can turn to these perceptive and trustworthy oracles for advice and counsel on any questions or concerns, for they’re exceptional teachers who will … More My Sacred Pack

The Wonderful Experience Of Self-Sabotage

I love positive “self” compound words: self-love, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-acceptance and so on. I appreciate these because of the experience I’ve had with that other self-word: self-sabotage. Living a conscious life means understanding that in spite of our best intentions, each of us will sometimes sabotage ourselves. When this happens, it is important to … More The Wonderful Experience Of Self-Sabotage

Anger Is As Sacred As All The Rest

We all know what anger is, and we’ve all felt it: whether as a fleeting annoyance or as full-fledged rage. Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality … More Anger Is As Sacred As All The Rest