See what these folks have to say about Natasja’s Transformational work!


“Natasja Pelgrom is a remarkably gifted and skilled guide and healer. On a basic human level, she is sensitive and intuitive and seems to have an ability to listen and understand people that’s pretty rare these days. She brings ancient wisdom and traditions to the ceremonies and workshops she holds. She has a powerful presence during the ceremony yet holds the space with a gentle, non-judgmental, friendly and down to earth attitude.

I have been amazed how she can hold each person story and be aware of what they need to work on at any moment, always knowing when we need guidance and when we need to work thru what comes up alone.Her work before and after each ceremony is equally important and she has helped me enormously both with preparation and integration. I am also impressed with how quickly and precisely she can get to the root of whatever is disturbing someone to help them identify it and work thru it.

What I like best is that despite her considerable gifts and skills she does not have a “spiritual ego” or fall into the trap of becoming a sort of guru or hold herself at a remove from clients , rather she reminds us that we are all human and have human frailties and with that she puts us at ease and allows us to explore both our vulnerabilities and strengths.”  

– Tomm / Entrepreneur / Ireland
Kim Kingsbury

”I’m eternally grateful for the wonderful Sacred medicine and the loving support, guidance, intuition, and care of Natasja. This transformational journey has completely transformed my life in 6 months and empowered me to resolve deep unconscious layers in my bodies that have been affecting me on a day to day basis. The medicine enables you to become aware of your personal challenges (programs, beliefs etc.) at the heart of the core and helps you to transform from the inside out. It awakens your own power and strength, catalyzing your growth and helping you to remember who you truly are.”

– Kim / Marketing Director / Belgium

“Natasja can be described as a light bringing person. With best intentions to help people but also straightforward and confronting she helps them to face their challenges. Getting rid of excess baggage which doesn’t serve anymore. I’m happy she came into my life. Feeling blessed.”

– Mart / Owner Clinic and Networker Marketeer / Netherlands
Michelle Micheals1

”Natasja helped free me from issues that were rooted as deep in my psyche as issues can be. During an hour and a half private session, she cleared dysfunctional patterns and beliefs that’d I’d been carrying since childhood (and been working on resolving with very limited success for more than 15 years). Her heart is large, but she also doesn’t mess around. She has a diverse and unusual toolkit and powerful natural gifts, which together make an incredibly effective combination. She sees right to the heart of things, even things you yourself cannot see (or aren’t willing to look at). For anyone in the messy, difficult, amazing process of transforming who needs a helping hand, good news — the universe has sent you a powerful ally. Are you ready?” 

– Michelle / Product Manager BI – Analytics / US

“Most of us have intense emotional situations that come up, but sometimes we don’t have the tools to work through it and we need help. With your Alignment session, you located my deep beliefs and programs that created an imbalance. With the work you assisted me with, I know now that everything I need is within me to heal myself. I notice I am making more friends now. I now recognize true synchronicity is a daily occurrence. My compassion and my confidence have soared. You are truly gifted, and I am most grateful for the work you do and how you have helped me on so many levels. I can now say I AM strong, I AM courageous, and I AM compassionate.”

– Daniel / Entrepreneur / L.A.

”Not only has Natasja been an inspiring force on a professional level for me, but her time, energy, thought and care have encouraged and supported my growth on a personal level. Natasja, you go above and beyond in all that you say and do and I’m blessed to have you as a mentor in my life. From my heart to yours, thank you.”

– Jody / Sound, Yoga and Nutrition Therapist / U.K. and Ibiza

“I had the pleasure to attend several ‘Empowering Believes’ group sessions with Natasja and I have to admit a huge shift in my life (on all levels) after receiving the transmission. With each session’s theme (i.e Money and Success, Abundance and Manifestation) comes a great deal of knowledge, healing, and clearings. She is a genuine teacher/healer .. highly recommended .. my deepest gratitude to your amazing work Natasja .. blessings.”

– Fady / Artist / Egypt

“Natasja is a very humble person, her mentoring has given me the tools to reconnect with myself and to develop myself while moving forward from my life blocks. Having a life-coach as Natasja is something that I really recommend to all people that are looking for their own inner peace. I really feel that without all the work we did together I could have never made a surgery I had. Thank you.”

– Patrizia / Engineer / Italy

“Thank you so much for this experience. I already feel different and I feel so much love in my heart space and towards others. Yesterday I was at an event for women who are in the process of starting their own businesses, or already have. For the first time, I felt equal to all the other women there, no matter how successful they were or weren’t. I felt that I really could give advice without trying to get validated for it. And receive advice without feeling inadequate. My story was finally valuable to me. For the first time, no matter how anyone feels or thinks about it. To all the women there I only wanted to give my love and experiences to genuinely help them. I was soft and feminine, but yet so strong and powerful. That male side is there, but only for business purposes to make it easier for me. I can truly say that I merged both sides without losing one. Synergy is what I want, and now I have it. Thank you for holding that space for me where I was allowed to let that happen.”

– Iresh / Beautician and Business owner / Netherlands