Stress: the Catalyst for Change

A conscious approach to living does not make you immune to stress. However, choosing to practice awareness can shorten the time in which you experience seeming moments of pressure or tension.  

Me, Myself & My Shadow

Our journey of Self-Exploration is a bit like Dante’s Inferno. Before making our way out of “hell” we must walk through the depths of our inner darkness.  Many religions symbolize these experiences well. Two famous examples include the case of Jesus who had to face Satan in the desert and Buddha’s encounter with Mara (the … More Me, Myself & My Shadow


Welcome, beloved! Here my story for you… In-Joy! Frankly, I don’t know how I ended up here, writing a spiritual blog. Yet somehow,  that ever-present and subtle voice inside keeps nudging me along this path. Listen to your heart…join this workshop….work with this energy healer….work on these images….talk to this teacher…and so on. Hundreds of small, and … More Anchoring