The Archetype of the Mature Masculine: The King

We hear a lot these days about wild women, female spiritual ascension, sisterhood, female mysticism, womb magic, contacting the goddess within and the awakening of the sacred feminine.  By now we have seen what the traits of the Divine Feminine are. Let’s see what the Divine Masculine is! Masculine energy is, of course, totally different … More The Archetype of the Mature Masculine: The King

Sacred Teachings

Life occurs as a series of cycles. In a single human lifetime, the first cycle is conception and the last cycle is death. I feel that death is not an end, but merely the start of a new cycle. Transformation, in all forms, happens to everyone. It is a natural part of life, but it … More Sacred Teachings


Welcome, beloved! Here my story for you… In-Joy! Frankly, I don’t know how I ended up here, writing a spiritual blog. Yet somehow,  that ever-present and subtle voice inside keeps nudging me along this path. Listen to your heart…join this workshop….work with this energy healer….work on these images….talk to this teacher…and so on. Hundreds of small, and … More Anchoring