The Awaken Podcast

In each episode, Natasja and her guests dive deep into topics around psychedelics, wisdom traditions, spirituality, ascension, science, and day to day personal development practices. You will hear heart-opening conversations and inspiring interviews with leaders from all over the world. Expect to leave each episode with expanded consciousness and practical tips to apply to your life right away. The Awaken Podcast being in its second season is currently in the top 30% of podcasts.

The Awaken podcast also has a special series called ‘Women in Psychedelics’. This is a series that brings forth the stories of fascinating women who are currently making an impact within the psychedelic and plant healing movement. The intention for this series is to further amplify female voices. Natasja is driven by bringing to the forefront untold stories, exclusive content, and inspiration. The interviews are a celebration, of the social, economic, cultural, and sometimes the unseen achievements of women in this psychedelic movement.