Natasja Pelgrom, devoted creative, and visionary, dedicates her life’s work to guiding transformative experiences. As the founder and visionary of Awaken The Medicine Within Retreats and Education, Natasja holds the sacred space for individuals on their journey of growth and personal evolution. With her profound intuitive abilities, she has played integral roles in over 800 psychedelic ceremonies, offering training, assistance, and facilitation. Additionally, Natasja’s expertise extends to coaching over 3000+ clients and providing advisory services, as well as curating transformational programs for health & wellness companies. Her unwavering commitment to helping individuals unlock their true potential and navigate the path of self-leadership makes her a trusted and influential figure in the psychedelic-assisted care realm.

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Natasja is a beautiful, wise, warm woman who can look straight through you and brings your deepest parts, hidden under limited beliefs and concept structures of the mind, right to the surface with grace and ease. I immediately felt safe and loved by her, the moment she brought her attention towards me. Her guidance and presence were very essential in my journey of self-discovery. She showed me the way to my heart, my truth, by showing me her own. She is a loving and caring soul who holds the most beautiful dream for Mother Earth and her beings.

Renee / Veterinarian / NL

I cannot express enough gratitude for Natasja, and her team. The journey of self discovery, healing and love was formed by an amazing trust they harmonized. It allowed an openness to my inner self that I never thought possible – and has changed my life in a most calming yet incredibly positive way. The setting, space and sensory immersion was simply beautiful. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

Ben / Pilot / Australia

An unforgettable experience guided by an extraordinary person – could not have wished for a better set and setting. Thanks for the thoughtful, heartfelt and awakening.

Bernhard / Entrepreneur / Germany

Natasja’s retreat was absolutely magical. It was beautiful to experience the power of psychedelic medicine being led by a medicine woman that combines incredibly deep ancestral knowledge with yet a modern approach that blends also the latest science on this. I can’t recommend this retreat enough.

Catalina / Investor / Colombia

In the current rushed and saturated psychedelic space, Natasja’s retreat is that rare thing: a container that honors tradition without ever being performative; honest and direct but never transactional; grounded in humanity but open to the mystery. An experience guided by a deep understanding of the spirit of the medicine, wisdom, and love.

Daniel / Architect / Dubai

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